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WICL Branches Out! 

WICL are excited to be branching out - nationwide!


We know that it's not just women in and around the London areas that need the support of their peers, and a network like WICL, or who can offer inspiration and support to others. Women in the criminal justice system are up and down the country and, to that end, WICL have branched out! We are very lucky to have fantastic women far and wide who are keen to expand WICL in their respective regions. So far, we have WICL Midlands and WICL North West - and there is talk of others to come!

Find WICL Midlands here. 

Find WICL North West here. 

If you are interested in flying the WICL flag elsewhere in the country, please do get in touch at

If you are able to sponsor a WICL branch please get in touch at: 

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