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'Ment' to Be!

WICL sets out to support and inspire, mentor and socialise, empower and encourage.

As part of our aims, we proudly announced the launch of our mentoring scheme for members at our launch event.  


There has been a brilliant response, with many women signing up to be both mentors and mentees. Our Legal Cupid has made numerous successful matches!

WICL has also been approached by a number of senior figures within criminal law wishing to provide mentoring support to WICL members - particularly those of 10 years' call/PQE and beyond.


If you could offer your support to someone as a WICL mentor, or if you would like the support of one as a mentee, you can sign up to take part as either a mentor or a mentee (or both!) below. We will then add you to our database and make introductions between suitable mentors and mentees.

If you have registered your interest for our mentoring scheme, we will be in touch with you soon. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us straight away. We will continue to make enquiries and find suitable mentors as and when they become available. Please note that you do need to be a WICL member in order to be a mentoring match. 

Questions? You can get in touch with us at

Happy Mentee Feedback: 

"I have only recently joined the WICL Mentoring scheme but I am already reaping the benefits.

The support I have received within the past month has been more than I expected. It is nice to have someone there who has been through the same recent processes of starting a legal career, who can provide you with support and advice throughout the process. Just to meet regularly and establish a friendship with other junior lawyers who can tell you what you need to hear in a friendly manner.

The support and guidance I have received is beyond anything I could have envisioned and has given me the confidence to keep going as it has shown me that you can make it. "

Request a mentoring match here: 


Thanks! Message sent.


Thanks! Message sent.

Mentoring Breakfast

Our October Mentoring Breakfast was a wonderful morning, with more women attending than ever before. We now have several mentoring circles up and running and were delighted to see so many fabulous women over a coffee - and some new avocado delights we had opted for
(we know how to live)! 

Thanks for coming if you did.

Be sure to come to the next one if you didn't! 


We are absolutely thrilled each time we receive new happy mentoring feedback - especially when we can publicise it for all to see on Twitter!

Join the huge number of mentoring pairs we have matched successfully QUICK! 

Need more convincing? Check out our Twitter page for other resounding praise for our Legal Cupid! 

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 21.40.10.png

Judicial Mentoring Circles

As part of our mentoring scheme, WICL has set up a number of judicial mentoring circles - small groups of women from a range of backgrounds, experiences and stages of their careers, managed by a senior lawyer and headed by a judge. So far, we have 13 circles formed - and several more in the pipeline.  The groups are headed by judges from courts including The Old Bailey, Harrow, Basildon and Snaresbrook Crown Courts, as well as District Judges. 

The groups offer circular mentoring, as we feel everyone can learn from others, be it more senior or junior to themselves.  These groups are not specifically designed for those making judicial applications, but to assist generally with mentoring and the development of careers.  The groups aim to meet 3-4 times per year, and are initially formed for an 18-month period - although in between meetings we are seeing continued peer to peer mentoring between members! 

If you would like to be matched into a judicial circle, you can get in touch using the box below. 

PS! If you are a judge who might be keen to lead a circle - we would love to hear from you! Please do email us at 

Join the circle: 

Thanks! Message sent.

Judical Mentoring Circle feedback

My experience of my judicial mentoring circle has been overwhelmingly positive. As someone who is quite junior, I thought it may be a little premature to join something like this but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although any judicial applications are a fair few years away for me, it has already given me plenty to think about in terms of preparing any application. The judge involved has been kind enough to offer us the opportunity to marshal with her or, where more appropriate, has connected members of our group to other individuals who may have more relevant judicial experience. Through the group, I’ve also heard about other judicial or quasi-judicial opportunities which might be of interest, outside of those I was already familiar with. But the group has been so much more than just talking about judicial applications – it feels like a genuine support network where you have an opportunity to talk to other women, at all stages of their careers, about the issues affecting them most. I always look forward to our evenings of chatting over drinks and nibbles. I would encourage everyone in WICL to apply to join a judicial mentoring circle. (Barrister, 2015 call)


In the meeting that we had, it was clear that our group despite being from different legal backgrounds and at different stages in our careers all had some advice to give to each other.  Our Judge in particular was really proactive in asking us all what our aspirations were and how to achieve them. The suggestions weren’t always those typical of a barrister or a solicitor so that was really useful. (Solicitor,13 years PQE)


I have only met up with my judicial mentoring circle just once, and I already feel humbled by the safe place created in by the women in my circle. It’s incredibly empowering to hear such accomplished women bravely discussing their difficulties and ambitions. I was welcomed despite being of comparably low experience and qualification to the other members, and encouraged to share my thoughts regardless, as they are just as valuable as those of others. I am excited to see where our next meeting takes us. (Paralegal)


Mentoring Breakfast

The most recent WICL mentoring breakfast was a chance for our mentoring pairs to come back together, re-group and review. It was also the launch of our judicial mentoring circles which have had a fantastic take up. With a whopping attendance, The Happenstance was absolutely buzzing on 16th January. Attended by judges and paralegals alike, this event was a fantastic chance for women to meet and learn from each other before starting a busy day’s work. 

WICL had a fantastic response to the launch of our mentoring scheme!


On Wednesday 25th April, we held our first mentoring event.
Not only was this an opportunity for those mentors and mentees who have been matched up to meet, connect and make plans for the coming year, but for WICL members to meet and share ideas.


We were delighted to host Emily Cosgrove of The Conversation Space who gave an inspiring introduction to mentoring - offering her top tips for making the most of a mentoring relationship. 


You can find Emily on Twitter @internalmentor and read more about her work here.

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