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Mother and Baby

WICL Maternity


Lawyers & Little Ones is our mini network of WICL mums/mums-to-be from across the WICL Membership. Lawyers & Little Ones offers an opportunity to meet other mums working in the criminal justice system, mums on maternity leave, and mums thinking about returning to work.

Throughout lockdown we have hosted online Zoom mornings - where of course we have been joined by various little ones! - and they have been such a lovely chance to meet/chat/mentor/support/question each other and learn from our shared experiences of motherhood as criminal practitioners.


The Lawyers & Little Ones sessions meet on Zoom once-a-month feature hosted by WICL Committee mothers. The network is open to all mothers with little ones, as well as expectant mothers or mothers on maternity leave at any stage, in any role. You can pop in occasionally, or be sure to join every week. The point is there are other mothers out there you can always find when you need them! 


If you've been there, done that, please do come along and pass on your wisdom to others. If you're currently on maternity leave, don't do it alone - do it with the support of others who know exactly what it's like in the crazy world of crime! 

Each session is advertised and you can register for the Zoom meeting details each month nearer to the time.

To find out more/speak to our fabulous WICL Maternity mums, email

In Conversation With WICL Mothers! 

Maternity Panel .png

In the second of our "In Conversation With" sessions, our brilliant maternity panel (WICL mums, step-mums, furloughed mums, maternity leave mums and CPS mums!) put together a fabulous recorded video podcast on their thoughts and experiences of motherhood as criminal practitioners. Watch them here chatting about their different experiences in their different roles, as well as going on/returning from maternity leave. 

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